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      First Day of the Last Month of 2011!
      I was thinking on my way home from work this morning about Our Monthly Pact and what it means to me…
      A pact is an agreement. It’s not just an agreement to count the days that we don’t gamble or regret the days that we do. It’s a mutual support for all who choose to live a life free of misery and self destruction and a safe place where we can affirm each other in the knowledge that we won’t be judged or penalised if we fall short of the terms and conditions.In fact there are no T and C’s, just a Security Bond based on honesty, humilty and forgiveness. The Law of Love versus the Love of Law, so nobody shoud feel excluded or no matter how many times we have fallen.
      Each month is a new month and each day a new day. Hence the freedom to come and go within thismonthly pact without feeling in any way inhibited .
      As Geordie has been pointing out in his recent, post recovery is for all. It’s there for the taking. How liberating is that to people who have been enslaved to our compulsion for so long! It is about free choice. Of course when we are in the throes of addiction we lose our ability to make right choices due to our distorted thinking but when we join with others in recovery, we can always depend on their strength to rescue us when we are weak and we can likewise use our strength to lift up the weak.
      United we stand, divided we fall!
      Just for today I will not gamble and with God’s help I will say that with all of you until the end of the year!
      Feel free to join in. It’s Free! it’s fun and it helps us to focus on each others’ recovery instead of becoming overwhelmed with our own!

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