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               Well yesterday we ran of propane, bills are due and money is gone again,don’t know how much more i can take,Ihave struck by and watch this horrific disease just take my husband away,what do you do when the funds are gone and your trapped in this hole,no laughter,enjoying life, it’s all gone, i get deeply depress but try to hold my head high,no ones knows but you whats going on in my life,but i have learned that you can’t help someone until they want to help their self, so when does that time come? I feel like i am losing it all,I feel like just shaking him and telling him to wake up and look around and see how many people hes destroying over this addiction, What makes a person get so out of control to just keep gambling their money to were they are just busted and living off everyone else.I’ve lost almost all respect for my husband, his word means absolultely nothing to me, his promises are just words with no meaning, I want my husband back,so tired of fighting this battle,Whens enough going to be enough? I see loving couples around me enjoying their lifes to the fullest, and im working coming home to what? He has drained me to the point were i feel like im being used and mentally abused somehow,making me feel likesomehow this is my fault but yet never gambled in my life,i’ve been a good wife, always worked,and always took care of my husband, what went wrong? sorry about all the rambling, had to get it off my chest, thanks for listening..

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