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      In a short space of time it shows what you can achieve with the right focus and support and reaching out to the right people for support. Gam Care have helped me in a way where they have put me on to a behavioural counsellor and I’ve only had 2 sessions with this lady and it’s absolutely opened my eyes to the world of gambling in a different light, I’m not cured I can never be however, I’ve chatted with a lady for 2 sessions and she’s really made me understand the trigger point for my gambling. “The placing of the bet and the dopamine release”

      Since Wednesday 26th April I’ve gambled once on Monday 1st May and I feel like I needed it that day the pressure was inescapable but since 26th April I’m really in a good place

      I’ve been taking each day at a time in my notes on my phone, been ticking a day t a time been listening to a gambling illness podcast and writing down my feelings and the situation I’m in each day and it’s really made me focus on the part that I’m addicted too which is actually “the placing of the bet”

      historically if the bet wins its more money to place the next bet and get my fix if the bet loses I’m expecting that anyway so was absolutely no escape however I’ve only gambles 1 day in 2 weeks and I am really surprised and I couldn’t see a way out of gambling hundreds of pounds daily

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