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    We’ve searched to fill an emptiness inside
    It started out as a fun filled ride
    But time went on and the desire grew
    The urge was strong and took over you

    The money comes the money goes
    but after it all there’s one thing I know.
    No matter if we win or lose
    it’s just the action that we choose

    It’s getting old, the same situation
    An epidemic taking over the nation
    We’re looking for something more than we have
    Which is the reason we believe we’re sad

    The lights and sounds, the luxury
    It’s fun and happiness they see
    But every time when the money’s gone
    The gambler has lost but wants to go on

    Chasing losses never ends
    The last thing you want is to find a friend
    But it’s the safest way to go
    Support can help us through you know

    Remember how it makes you feel
    Leaves you empty and with a chill
    You wonder how you got this way
    You hope you can make it through the day

    Remember those around you care
    let them help you, make them aware
    You cannot fight this fight alone
    But it can be done. You can go home.

    Home is where your family is,
    Love and life and happiness
    Enjoy your freedom from the pain
    And learn to be yourself again.


    Good verse. It was nice to read


    it turned out great

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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