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    Does anyone know any companies what block websites from ur iPhone?– 08/01/2013 14:06:57: post edited by harry.


    Hi Baker
    Ive moved your thread here to allow replies etc.
    In short there isn’t any software available to block gambling websites on mobile phones, some companies say they have come up with apps .
    There is an app that may seem useful but on trying this I found all it did was remove safari, replaced it with another browser that didn’t accept gambling, but it also blocked lots of other sites at the same time. It also didn’t work on apps either,it took 5 mins to reinstall safari and delete the other browser so I’d say a complete waste of time and money.
    Betfilter have been looking into this for the last year or so, but as yet nothing has arisen. What I’ve just discovered is an article from Net Nanny whom already produce a solution for Macs and say they are close to an Ipad / Iphone solution
    But the good news in the meantime. Most phone providers will adhere to parental control restrictions, what I have advised and know has worked is for a request to be made to your provider asking for parental control to be instated. This is best done by a partner and the emphasis must be placed on NOT having the restriction lifted
    This blocks anything unsuitable for under 18’s which includes gambling.
    Hope this helps
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    My husband is a CG in recovery and as part of this I have an additional phone for him in my name which has the Under 18 block on it. This also includes the barring of calls to Premium numbers. This in on the Vodafone network but I would imagine other networks do a similar thing. In being in my name it is only me that can make any changes to the set up.
    Hope this works for you. Youwill never know if you dont try.

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