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      Hi, well Ive done it again, this last 2 months ive done nothing but gambling, won some and lost some, but whats so hard to take is that this last week ive worked so hard I made a good wage, and I blew it in 15min, £900 gone, I dont understand why I do it, but I cant seem to control it, ive tried ive put barriers up! controlled my money, gave money to my family to hold but nothing works, What I dont get when it comes to everything else buying shopping, clothes, Bills, im so careful I watch prices etc but when it comes to gambling I just blow it, £100 a spin on those bloody roulette machines!! and whats worse is all you get on the TV is adverts for online casinos, all the time its constant, you cant run from it, but its hard to face it, Im going to ruin my life if I keep it up I can see it, I just want to be strong enough to help myself, ive posted on this a few times, but i keep giving up,
      This time I dont want to give up
      Thanks for readingLifes hard Dont make it any Harder!!

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