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    my husband has been gambling for over 3 years now on and off, it it now getting worse in the space of 2 days he has gambled large amounts,he has now put us in debt we just got out of debt in September and now back in it I am so angry and we have a 3 year old son , he has today admitted he needs help and has a problem which he has never dome before, but I just feel so angry with him that he has gambled all our money and we are now in minus and its Christmas in 2 weeks and I haven’t got my son’s presents yet! I only spoke to him on Friday about his problem as he had gambled money then and then today I find out that he has gambled everything in our account! I feel like he has no respect for me that he is so selfish and doesn’t care about how much he is hurting me and how much stress he is causing, he said to me today do u think it would be better if I stayed somewhere else tonight! that made me furious with him! he is due home in about half hour whether he comes home or not I don’t no but if he does I don’t no what to say to him where to start I don’t want to have a massive argument I just don’t no what to say it’s making me so anxious! any advice please?

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