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    It’s easy to glide through casino doors

    Easy to escape Life’s pressures and chores

    Easy to leave the world outside

    Easy to forget all the tears we’ve cried

    Easy to pretend to be invisible

    ( even imagine your name is Isabelle)

    Easy to stare at spinning reels

    Using hard earned cash to grease those wheels

    Easy to lose all track of time

    When we choose to return to the scene of the crime

    But Is it easy to face the music

    When you feel the pain and know you’re lovesick

    For a “Valentine” who became an abuser

    A cupid who tricked you into feeling a loser

    Who drained you of happiness,money and power

    Until you felt helpless when the love turned sour

    A lover who cast a magic spell

    Convincing you that all was well

    Who offered false hope, promises and lies?

    The time has come to blow the disguise

    And admit how difficult life has become

    From playing a game that seemed EASY and fun.



    I can feel myself getting stronger after reading this.


    nice one Vera…. I like.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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