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      Hey all,
      ‘Some major dramas happened last night at my house. What was an argument between my older sister and mum turned into cg coming out into the open(to some point). Its a bit long so will try and not highlight everything that happened only the main points to ilustrate what and who I am dealing with.
      Older sister and mum had a bit of a domestic last night and the police were called. Really was nothing major and mum over reacted. The police came and told sister she had to leave. While that was happening my younger sister called and asked why the police were outside. We explained it to her, she started yelling and cursing at me saying its all my fault. I should have got involved and made sure mum didnt call the police. Before it escaulted I was telling them both to stop etc etc, anyways that unprovoked attack really upset me. Tired of being blamed for everything that ever happens in this house whether I am present or not. I decided to leave because I didnt want to have a full scale fight with my sister and you cant talk to her when shes like this.
      I went to my friends house the people who know about cg. Mum rings and asked where I was. Explained at friends house because I dont want to fight with sister. Younger sister is on the other line(didnt realise) and starts screaming. She is telling me that when she seems me one of us is going to end up with a black eye. Dad told her about cg and if I dont start doing things around the house, all my friends will know. She is going to shame me so I can stop cg. Woah! I was like what the heck. Where did all this come from. My mum hears all this and then says to me well i hope your coming home soon. No mum you just heard what she said seriously. Not to long after mum rings again demanding to know where I am. Wants me home asap so I can buy her smokes and mop the kitchen. By now its like 10pm. My mum has no heart. I was so appealled at her lack of considering and care towards me. As the night progressed sister kept sending me really nasty messages. Ended up coming home and staying the night. Mum had another go at me when I got home and clearly has no idea how horrible I feel. Anyways so this has really esculated. My little sister isnt being supportive and is very harsh. I told her I was clean and getting help. Encouraged her to look up some advice on it. But everything I said she turned it around into me making an excuse or a justification of why I have cg. And it was all about how im selfish and I have hurt etc. I get shes hurt, Im glad she reached out to me etc. But everything I said she twisted it. And at the end of the day the matter was about my sister and my mum. And now I am at home worried sick. This environment is so toxic I need to get out. Dont want a confrontation with my little sister. My dads still upset with me about cg. And he did betray me by telling my sister. And this is why I cant tell my family anything. I have said it a thousand times they are toxic and unsupportive. Put cg aside, with or without it this is how they always are. Just right now they have some actual leverage against me. Had to explain to dad what happend last night cause he was at work. And when I told him little sister blamed me, he agreed with me. What is wrong with these people?
      Guys, I dont know what to do. Tried my best to approach my sister in a loving way but shes just so nasty. She cant see past herself. And everything and anything I do is never good enough. I am not here to meet her expectations. Wow I have really ranted. It would be good if any friends of family of cg people could reply too. As you probably aware of what my little sister is feeling.
      I cant control what my little sister is going to do. But honestly if she tells them all than thats really ugly. I can just imagine her telling everyone on my fb list all 300+ friends. That spells disaster in every way. And I shouldnt have to live out of fear of that threat. Its not right.
       Only a fool plays a fools game

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