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    I have successfully exluded myself from all of the UK based gambling sites I can think of.
    ***********.com however is based in Malta and I don’t know how to exlude myself from it or even if that is possible. Do they have the same laws on gambling exclusion availablity as here?
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    Hi Adam
    Firstly well done for making a gallant attempt at excluding yourself from the online gambling sites; the biggest issue is there are so many online sites and more licences being given on a frequent basis, UK based or not they are accessible
    Personally Id advise installing blocking software, this can be downloaded from if you insert the discount code BET3E606 this will give you an addition licence.
    This post explains a little more about it
    Take Care
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    Is there any other help you can give?
    I’d prefer not to spend any more money!


    Betfilter provides a free trial period. K9 is completely free and works really well. Filtering software has helped me immensley but it is wise to get someone else to install it, so you dont know the password.
    Geordie.Recovery is priceless.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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