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    Well I thought I would just throw this out there and see what other people’s experiences are…
    Sometimes I feel that my boyfriend has been an enabler and maybe even an encourager of my gambling problem.
    While at some really low points- when i was really out of control with gambling- i had asked him to be responsible for my money and to hold onto it so i could not use it for gambling. He agreed and while i was strong and did not ask him- then i did not get the money- but when i would ask him for the money- he would freely give it to me- as if he didnt know that i was going to gamble it.
    I’m sorta conflicted on this cos i think maybe he just thought that i was ok- and really didnt give it much thought- but part of me is suspicious and thinks that he knew perfectly well and in a way allowed me to do it- because he has not so desirable behaviour of his own- and maybe that way his habbits arent as bad in comparison to mine.
    I know this must sound aweful in a way- but recently i spent quite a bit of money and actually asked him to bring me the money while i was at the casino- (i realise how terrible that is)- well anyways the point is that today he wanted to borrow money off me for his *own purposes* and i said that i would rather not as i didnt have much and he was like "ohh yeah so its ok that you gamble away all this money- but i cant lend any money off you or spend any money"  (this is tottally untrue- because i actually pay the bills and support the household- while he spends most of his money himself)
    I feel that he just wants to throw it in my face when we have any type of disagreement- and i really dont feel that he is supportive of me quiting gambling.
    Does anyone else have issues like this with their family- or are their partners and families supportive?
    (I realise that gambling is a pretty secretive sort of problem to alot of people (well to atleast it has been)- and i suppose thats why i think that my bf is unsupportive because he has recently just started to blurt it out to all our friends- who previously had no idea of the issue at all- and theyre just like sitting there stunned and im like ‘ummm yeah’ stunned as well i suppose) 

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