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      aching heart

      Hey all I have couple of things I need advice on and obviously vent
      As some of u know I recently split from my partner who is a cg I split with h hoping we have a better life … Well the last few days have been a nightmare it feels like he is going out of his way trying to destroy me I’m seriously so fed up with it I don’t k ow wat to do…. I have 2 you g boys 1 n 3 my youngest is very hard he doesn’t sleep through nite as a result very wingey all day I work 2 x 24 shift a wk straight home to mind boys….John has become so unreliable picking n choosing wen to mind boys up to recently was coming to family house to mind them over nite now refusing to do this I feel I have no alternative but to quit work financially I will b screwed as I’m paying all d mortgage bills etc cis he not here… My mam n family have been great minding boys for me but their also tired of picking up the pieces…. Any1 been in this situation wats best to do..
      Over d wk end I was speaking to an extended relative of John I informed her that me n John where no longer together over johns gambling she then informed me that she had a feeling John ahead a problem as she seem him leaveing my 2 boys in d car outside d bookies for half hour only checking once I’m absolutely horrified shamed angry over this in my eyes that’s abuse to my children… Wat d hell do I do about this
      John has also been threatening to move bk the house saying” nothing I can do bout it its his house to he” he verbally aggressive saying this as its usually followed by other threats ” I’m gonna throw ur stuff out, make ur life hell Etc etc…. Does anyone know if legally I can do anything.
      My emotions are all over d place I’m so tired filled with anger upset etc etc really at my lowest feel like I’m a bomb waiting to explode.

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