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      Hi all i am Jamie and i am a compulsive gambler. I am on day 31 gamble free. So hears my story. i started gambling at 17 i am 33 now so i have been gambling 16 years now been trying quit for 6 years. i started going to ga around six weeks ago since then its like a gray cloud has lifted off me and opened my eyes. for six F,,ck,,, years i have been thinking why am i depressed why am i anxious whats wrong with me i went to the doctor she gave me pills but never took any but referred me to have cbt i went for hypnotherapy for the anxiety and still felt like crap waking up thanking a another day of ****e.
      so i went to ga thinking i haven’t got a gambling problem i am not in a lot of debt i don’t gamble every day but went and listened and sheared i now know the anxiety was my body trying to tell my brain to stop throwing your money away. working 40 hours a week get payed on Friday and id be lucky to have £20 left by 6 pm. Its wired cause i can control it by only spending my own money i have credit cards but never seem to get an urge to gamble when my money is gone.
      Maybe its me winning that battle but the gambling brain gets all the money i earn so i punish myself by not going out hiding myself from the world. beating myself up for 16 years is going to take its toll and the so many times i have said right that’s it im giving up. bit tired now so i will wright more tomorrow xxlove and light and peace

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