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      I am so proud of myself right now!  The urge came over me and I immediately left the house and went in the opposite direction.  I went to the fruit market and to Toy r Us, I felt that if I can spend all my money at the dreadful place then I can start some of my Christmas Shopping.  Since it is going to be a rainy weekend I am preparing myself not to get BORED!  So I stop at the store and pick up the items I need for baking a couple of cakes this weekend.  I was so happy to realize after listening to a tape, by a Preacher that I respect and love called "Stick To The Plan."  I actually listen to it three times in the car as I drove from store to store, letting it play over and over so that I can stay focus on the budget I have for myself.  I thank God for giving me the strength to fight off the urge and go the other way!  I know that it will return but hopefully I will have enough to do this weekend.  Today is my  10th  free day of gambling.  Usually on Fridays I meet with my counselor, however she will be out of town this weekend, training other GA counselors.  I think that I am so blessed to have her as my counselor.  Well tonight I will look at "Project Runway" one of my favorite shows and hopefully get a good night’s sleep.
      I pray that I continue on this road to recovery because it felt so good to purchase something today without feeling that "if I had not messed up I could have done this… or I could have done that."  I know it is not going to be easy and that this day is not over, but when I wake up in the morning I will have everything still in place, because I will not gamble today!
      That really feels good!all right now

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