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      sugar britches

      Hi I am new here and hoping for a little help in understanding my husbands attitude towards me after recently being found out to be gambling and spending our savings.
      He is so nasty, arrogant and behaving as if he has done nothing wrong. He has spent almost €8000 which includes maxing out his credit card to the tune of €5000 that he cannot afford to pay back unless he has a consolidation loan which he wants me to help him obtain by adding myself to the account. I have refused of course and now he has stormed off to bed slamming doors and calling me all manner of names. He is accusing me of being money motivated because I wont bail him out of the mess.
      He spent all evening blanking me, refusing to acknowledge or answer any questions I have asked but seems so arrogant about how its my duty to save him. He says he doesnt need professional help.We paint our rainbows with the colours we are given

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