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      Hi, I am new to this forum. My husband of over 25 yrs has been gambling since we met (in high school). After we married it did present a problem. He started with betting on the horse races, I enjoyed going to Santa Anita for the day and also bet a couple dollars here and there. He bet much more than that and would sometimes lie to me about it.
      Now he also bets on football and totally engaged in it when football season comes around. He decided to have money come out of his paycheck 2x a month for gambling and that would be his allowance for gambling which was ok (300 month) Now it turns out that was not enough. I had a feeling something was up and found out he took out a loan of 10,000 to gamble. This is the second time he has done this I was once again devestated. I also believe he has borrowed from his retirement. It just dawned on me the statements are not coming to our address anymore. They are going to his moms.  I need to make some serious requests of him. By the way he is in denial ..he has no problem according to him. I need to keep track of all the money and check our savings plans on a regular basis. The problem is he won’t go seek help. I’m afraid I will have to leave him.Stay true

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