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    When I first came on this site I wrote a post and didn’t receive any reply for some time. I felt alone, hurt, unwanted and worse than before I had written. I am not sure why I came back.
    I have tried to welcome all new members but I am no different to any other F&F member. I am not paid to do it – I do it because I know how I felt and because I care.
    I know there were F&F members on the site over the weekend, probably many who were welcomed when they arrived. I know it is harder to relate to everybody but it is not hard to say ‘hi – I hear you’. 
    We don’t have to be specifically a wife, parent, partner or child to know that the addiction to gamble hurts if we have lived with it.
    At the weekend, a new member appealed for support. She woke the following day and felt alone to see there was no reply to her post. 
    We are all able to support – Kathryn has stretched a hand out today, in F&F, with a few simple words and that is all that is needed, very often, to change someone’s day from bewilderment to hope. 
    I am not judging – I know that with all the pain this addiction brings, supporting others is maybe too difficult at the beginning. You have a right, I feel, to expect support from this site and you are under no obligation to give it. 
    A ‘hi’ doesn’t hurt though. It says that someone is listening and the recipient is not alone. Please help to make someone else’s day in the future. 
    I know I am not alone but I am one of the lucky ones in knowing that.

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