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      im thinking that there are so many doorways into stopping and am so afraid of hitting a bottom before i stop. i feel like this is a good first step. ive been reading a few sites about “the problem” but i m looking for what is the thought that will get me to make the decision to stop. i know my first thought is what will i do with the emptiness of the days and nights without the high and whatever the chemical that is released in my brain when i am gambling. i have been able to head home after work because i dont want to drive the snowy road in middle of nite to go home. but i have now signed into an online gambling site and went like seven hours straight. i feel like it is a matter of doing a list of steps that will fill my time and lots of self talk. i have shingles i think from the stress and where i would usually divert my self to physical stuff like housework , i have been just going to the computer or tv. i am glad to have a place like this where i know others will understand and i can have some hope to stop this madness.

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      Hi Kathyrn
      Welcome to the forums.
      If gambling is causing you difficulties in your life perhaps you could consider stopping for a while and then deciding if you want to stay stopped . This is a decision that only you can make but we are all here to offer support whatever you decide.

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