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    Just completed 14 weeks at GM Beckenham. Now returned home to wife and kids and it is as hard as I expected it to be. My wife has lived with my problem for over 13 years, first finding out 6 months before the wedding date. I’d gambled the deposit money for the cars on out big day. This time things had become mad, despite her finding out I was back at it, this time I continued…………
    GM was much needed and gave me a chance to review what was going wrong, some of the potential reasons and learn how to like myself and enjoy life.
    I feel I have some strength to improve the way I live my life, the courage to do things differently and rebuild relationships. Not everyone will feel the same way, especially those closest to me that have been hurt repeatedly. Will they allow me the time and opportunity to recover, can they find the strength to trust and love again.
    I starting to understanding that I don’t know and its OK not to know. I feel that if things don’t work out then it won’t be the end for me, it will just be a different path that I will take to a better life. One that will allow me to have a positive relationship with my kids.
    Prior to GM, the onlly path was one that ended up in the gutter!
    Enjoy Life

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