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    Hi guys/gals,
    My name is Piran, I’m 21 and have been gambling for approx 8 years now. It all started playing 5p fruitys with my brother just wating time and having fun. Unfortunately now I am having much less fun gambling and losing every single penny I earn on fobt roulette machines. I get paid on a Monday and by Tuesday I’m skint, I just cannot control how much I put into these machines! I always start of by putting £20 and if I lose its another £20 and so on until I run out of cash, 2 seconds later I’ll be straight down to the cash machine and taking more money out to go into these evil machines. It’s getting worse as well now because I wont even save money for my bus to work or tobacco! Literally every penny I have plus more is going into these machines every week!!
    I’ve tried quitting before and have done so for about 4 weeks but I always seem to get dragged back in!! The urges I get to play roulette are unbeatable and no matter how hard I try to stay away from them, as soon I walk past a bookies with spare time on my hands I’m straight on the roulette. I even wake up and go straight to the bookies as soon their doors open..
    After losing another near £400 yesterday I decided that enough was enough and I intend to quit these machines for good! I have self excluded myself from all bookies in my town and surrounding towns!
    Now I’m just trying to grind out my urges and get over this horrible addiction which is making me miserable, unsocialble and broke everyday…

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