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      I added a topic to our topic forum today after running a group yesterday evening with the topic entitled ‘Focussing on the Positives’.  For an hour I was more focussed on one aspect than any other and it really helped. 
      I know that I only focussed on the negatives for a long time.   I now focus as much as possible on the positives and it is only when that process of thought slips that I get steamed up.  I do have to take a step back and remind myself that negative thought will hold me back. 
      If you haven’t looked at the topic forum for a time – please glance through and perhaps add a post where relevant.   I have just re-read Berber’s post saying that 2 years after the topic ‘Do I worry what our friends will think’ appeared, she had found comfort from it.
      The similarities between the circumstances of the Friends and Family who come on this site are many.   Until I went to Gamanon I believed that ‘everything’ was stacked against me – that nobody else in the world was struggling like me or felt like me.   Since being on this site and being privileged to be a facilitator, I realise I was never alone – I just didn’t know you were there. 
      I believe that sharing is so important to our recovery.   Any contribution, however small, you make will be read by many more than you imagine.
      Quote:   Anybody who has thought that small things in life can’t make a difference has never shared a bed with a mosquito.  

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