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      Feelings of gloom usually stem from depression Geordie. You know from past experience how talking about your feelings has helped you so please don’t isolate yourself. If the gloomy feelings have been caused by gambling then you know what to do. ..( easier said than done but sooner or later it has to be done) 
      Gambling solves none of Life’s problems. We all know that!
      We also know we still have the power to choose….so,
      go back to the people whom you talked to in the past No point in talking to the wrong people I have waffled on to a few wrong people lately. Might as well be talking to the wall!
      Read this Forum even if it all seems like bull right now Sooner or later the proverbial penny will drop!

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      Hi Geordie, I hope you are keeping well my friend, I read your thread and see hope, hope for you, hope for me, hope for everyone, I don’t know you apart from sharing on here but you strike me as being a pretty genuine bloke who has the unfortunate disadvantage of being a compulsive gambler however on the upside you have the massive advantage of being a compulsive gambler in recovery who has so very many friends including me, I hope your life is going smooth and also hope you had a nice christmas, happy new year to you and keep doing what you are doing, your grit, strength and determination is inspirational to me and so very many, take care mate and look after yourself all the very best love Maverick.

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      thanks mav, nice to “see” you. have just got in after a 20 hour shift!!! have two days off now with loads to do will try to get a post done. All the best to all our readers!!!I'm a compulsive gambler that isn't gambling today.

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      Hi Geordie, it looks like you are busy with life or working lots may be the best way to describe it.  I have been really busy with work as well, and it’s funny as it is keeping me so busy that it is keeping my mind of gambling.  Looking forward to your next post to see how you are doing!!!!One day at a time my sweet lord…

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      Geordie, you asked me a question a week ago on my thread.
      "Do you really want to stop?"
      Sorry for the slow reply.
      If I had answered it then it would have been a straight "NO!"
      Would that answer have been the truth?
      It would have been truthful in the mindset of a CG in gambling ****, but to a rational person it would have been seriously flawed.
      Now that I have put some space between me and a slot machine (9 days since midnight) I am beginning to see a glimmer of reality.
      I can never deny that I love gambling .
      However, I hate and detest the consequences of what I feel I "love!"
      I can’t emphasise how much I fear the thought of ever going back to those dark dungeons again. I can’t believe I ever dreamt that I could go in to **** and come out unscathed! I shudder to think of the serious damage I could have caused, knowing my past history and knowing all the havoc gambling has created in my life. 
      When I gamble I think "this is the life!" but when I stand back and view the damage I know it is NO life. It is the fast road to **** G and we both know that but all I can say is when I am on that road nothing else seems to matter.
      Today I am on the narrow road. It is calmer. Less scary. Less chaotic. Safer. The traffic sems to be going in the one direction and I am less likely to C R A S H!!
      Does that answer your question?
      I assume, by your silence that life is treating you well or at least that you are handling it with care!
      Just for today!

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      Aaaah, there she is!!
      Great to see you back, I really do understand your reply aswell.  I wouldnt say life is treating me too well at the mo, but I’m treating life mighty fine, things are sent to try us I believe and since November I’ve coped with the trying ***** very well.
      Have just got in from a colossal 19.5 hour shift and am done in, but just thought I’d say *****.
      Take care.
      GI'm a compulsive gambler that isn't gambling today.

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