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    Hi Monacola

    Thank you for your post which appeared in ‘Sad and Confused’s’ thread.

    Unfortunately ‘Sad and confused’ has not replied for a while and it may be that she has moved on to carry out the ideas she has taken on board from the site, so I am not sure whether she will answer you or not.

    However ‘you’ are very important and obviously in need of support which will be willingly given if you open your own thread – all the replies are individually written so your specific concerns will be addressed.

    I am completely aware that lovely people can be gripped by the addiction to gamble and I can assure you that at no time will it be suggested you leave or stay with your CG.

    To start your own thread please scroll to the bottom of the Friends and Family Forum page and click on ‘New Topic’, give yourself a title, write you post in the box and then scroll down to ‘save’.  Your post will appear in the F&F forum and myself and others can support you. 

    On Tuesdays I have a Friends and Family group between 20.00-2100 hours UK time – it would be great to meet you in that but in the meantime I hope you will post in the forum.

    Speak soon


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