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      Hi Sherrie – I want you to know that I popped by and read your 10 Positive Things every day.  I don’t know why or what the reason is for closing it, but it was a good thing to do and please don’t let anyone stop you from posting.  I am going through a "pity party" frump at present… and now I feel challenged to find 10 Positive Things to write… I will try even though they may not be specific to today.
      1.   I have been gamble free since February 22, 2012
      2.   I feel blessed to have so many caring people and friends on Gambling Therapy
      3.   My 3rd Grandchild is due is September
      4.   I have a job that I love
      5.   I am having a lovely Tim Horton’s Coffee right now
      6.   I read a book that I enjoyed at the weekend
      7.   Last night I watched a TV program that I enjoyed
      8.   I work with nice people
      9.   I enjoyed being on Skype with my Grandchildren on Monday evening (smiling thinking of that one)
      10. I am slowly dealing with my emotions
      Sherrie, thanks as just writing that down has helped me be more positive.
       One day at a time my sweet lord…

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