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      Its very rare I post any more, I have been very lucky(with lots of hard work too) to get to a stage where my gambling history all most seems like it never happened, thats why it is still so important for me to come on and read the storys from time to time, the pain and the suffering that I read about takes me stright back to that place and once again I understand just how important it is to stay focused, I could not have all the wonderful things in my life today if it was not for the contuing commitment to never gamble again.
      When I am asked for my secret to how I have got this far I always answere the same, I am commited to moving forward so that I never go back, in the early stages of my recovery there were many things trying to trip me up, family was the worst but as long as I stayed focused it got better, for anyone just starting out it gets better it has to because anything is better than feeling the pain of just gambling again and again and again and again and thinking things are going to be better next time, just puting that down on hear makes me think of just how bad it was back then, I have a new struggle now I have just started a degree In the last coupple of months and I am finding it hard but as like my commitment to stopping gambling I am commited to giving it my best shot , like I said just keep moving forward

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