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        I dont know if Im here by accident , I have a gambeling problem and I WANT TO QUIT, I started a few years ago and
        have been going ever since, my daughter is getting married this month and i promised to help with a couple of hundred when i got my taxes as well as my tags are due for my car, I got my taxes today and instead of getting her a money order and paying tags you guessed it i was only going to  try to win the money back i lost a few days ago no one knew about
      but i lost so i hit the atm, i won what i had lost and thought about leaving but guess what lost it again and back to atm. my boyfriend doesnt know i recieved it today and my daughter had asked him to please not let me blow my money and i forgot i dont  dare tell him as after all the times I promised to quit because he has to give me gas money to get to work i know i am only gping to disappiont him and my kids again I prayed and asked God to please help me win and I WOULDNT GO BACK again but He didnt let me win i guess you reap what you sow you gamble you could lose all your money.  

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