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    I’m a student at university and I’m a impulse gambler, i try and chase losses through blackjack and slots on bet365, this was all okay and fun when I was 900+ pound up, i didn’t know when to stop and the inevitable happened, the system looking to reclaim all that money back, i was stupid enough to keep going and chased the losses, i now talk to you having lost 1100 pound in one night, i have to face the fact i have a problem with gambling so i have self excluded myself from the app and said enough is enough, i have been doing out of boredom and as a young guy as the age of 19 nearly 20 it’s so weird to have money in my account and not spend it, i am on a learning curve and just wanted to put this out here to people as a way of just getting my story over to some people who know what it’s like. I have a girlfriend but i really do not wanna tell her about this as I know she’ll be disappointed in me as I said to her I’m not gonna get addicted,i have proper messed up here but atleast i realised i was getting addicted. Thanks guys, any help would be much appreciated.


    Hey man, its hard to not be up for easy money, however, even when you win… you lose. Eventually it all goes back because like all of us, its just one more bet. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve doubled, tripled, quintupled my starting money only to raise my bets and throw it all back. I’ve been gamble sober for almost a week and its really hard, I want to throw a couple hundred onto a site and start playing. Everytime I think about it though I come on this site and read some things that other people have gone through or are going through.

    I am like you as in I recently started online, I always played poker and did really small bets, have had no problem with that. Never ever went out of my means. However I played some slots and roulette, and won big the first few times I went. It got me hooked and continued to play more and more. Its horrible, I think about playing all the time because “you never know”. What I do know is my bank account was getting lower and lower each week that I played. So I ahve done what you are doing now, and that is reaching out and hoping that I can rid myself of this. I believe that slots and roulette are my weaknesses and I need to stop those all together. What are yours?


    Hi Degreeguy,

    Well done on looking for help.

    You can stop gambling I promise you. Check out the My Journal Forum – it is a busier forum and you will see a lot of stories similar to your own. You will also see the success stories and the sort of things that are helping others tackle this addiction.

    This is a less used forum so i would recommend reposting your story there – you will get a lot of support and feedback.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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