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      Hello guys,im new here.Im not native english speaker and i apologize in advance for that,hope everyone will understand what i write and what im about to say.
      My gamling problem started last year in november when i came home from abroad.Gambling never attracted me in any way,i was really not interested into football or basketball or betting.One day my friend invited me to sports caffe which is also casino to watch our national team in football.Betting company that owned casino had their own phone app which you install and you can bet while you are at home or wherever.I deposited 20 e and i got some bonus which is pretty usual these days,they all offer some welcome bonuses.I came home after that night and while i was drinking morning coffe i played this games and won 2 jackpots in a row which was around 700 e.
      I took that money tomorrow and i said that is just pure luck and that i will never deposit again.But after few days i thought,why shouldnt i deposite more money,i made 700 from 20,right?
      Then things started to go bad slowly.I started to deposit every day losing lots of money and i was lying to myself that it will be last time,and i felt so bad and hopeless,i said that i will never go to casino and play real slot machines but i started to go to casinos also and lose money on real slots.One year of this agony,i realized that im totaly different person today,my relationship is in jepardy because of this,im lying to my family and i really dont know what to do.I never felt more hopeless in my life,nothing brings me joy anymore,my only source of fun or happines is when i win some money or just playing slots.
      Im sorry for longer post,hope you dont mind it.

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      Thanks for sharing your story and being here. I can honestly say, I’m sure almost all of us can relate to you on being changed because of gambling. Gambling does the same to all of us. It controls us and impacts our lives in a negative manner.
      I’m here again after many failed attempts of becoming gambling free, and one of the biggest motivations for me is I don’t want gambling to define me or my life. I want to live life on my terms without an addiction controlling me every move and thought.
      Keep coming here daily and I think you will find success.
      Be well.

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      G Rec

      Hi vintagehoby,

      Welcome to the forum and well done on taking a positive step admitting the problem, and looking for help/support.

      As CraigMac6 mentioned, you are not alone, most people on here will be able to relate to life-changing for the worse due to gambling, and come to this forum to try and change that.

      New member groups take place here on Mondays and Thursdays, I would recommend checking those out as a great starting point where you can receive specific advice on some practical steps you can take.

      How have the first few days since posting been going?

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      Thanks for your support.Well since i posted i didnt go to casino,i didnt deposit any money in the app,i tried to do something else to keep away my mind from thinking about gambling.I love old bmws and i always work on them and that always fulffils me to be honest.
      I really didnt think that gambling can change my life and my thoughts like this.
      Also in my country they adverstise it on tv,instagram..basically everywere.Like its something positive and good.Il try to sign up for meeting and see how it goes.
      Thanks a lot for your support and understanding,it sure feels that im not alone.

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      I feel you,im glad that there is someone that can understand me and not judge bit too be honest i didnt tell anyone about this because i feel ashamed.Been better last couple of days.Thanks for replying means a lot to me.

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