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    Gambling insanity
    Cravings within
    For a slot spin
    I placed the bet
    So much regret
    I had no luck
    What the f**k
    Lost yet again
    It’s so insane
    Never a winner
    Always a loser
    I feel like s**t
    Lost every bit
    So much owed
    Need to explode
    Financial strain
    Emotional pain
    In a c**p place
    Life I can’t face
    It feels like hell
    I need to be well
    I’m so sick of it
    I need to quit
    I really do try
    Can’t stop why?
    I never learn
    Great concern
    Total madness
    Inner sadness
    There’s no tears
    Just inner fears
    I can not cope
    There’s no hope
    Promises spoken
    Promises broken
    Slip after slip
    I can’t get a grip
    I can not cope
    I fell down a slope
    I went further below
    To a rock bottom low
    Whilst I was there
    I became aware
    "As gambling controls"
    I set myself goals
    To go back to GA
    and try it their way
    It hadn’t worked before
    But I needed it for sure
    To get off my knees
    and fight this disease
    To become bet free
    and in GA recovery
    Michelle (2010)
     — 02/08/2012 10:50:25: post edited by harry.

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