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    I have a whole in my heart that is burning.
    My emotions have been eradicated to none.

    My selfishness have pockets turning. Cash is my heroin
    it drives me on and on.

    I often think of death as a comfort but my sadness keps me here.
    I look at unknowing faces and it fills my heart with fear.

    I am consumed and being eaten alive by this cancer witch I have such a hard time to overcome.

    Gambling is cancer once all comes undone.

    So I pray. I ask god for forgiveness and I hope he listens to me

    I pray and pray and pray.


    Im not myself atm


    Alone is not the tone
    we think we are
    and everyone is far
    but the truth is we make it like that!

    We cant throw it
    we cant break it
    but with help and support
    we can stop being distraught
    we can be taught!

    I hope and pray
    that God will stay
    help us beat
    AND keep us on our feet x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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