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    mark joeseph

    Hi everyone, My name is Mark. I’m 29 years old and have gambled since the age of 15. That’s when so first met my dad. Also the year I became a dad. 2 big moments in my life. My dad is also a compulsive gambler and I spent my teens gambling my wage. I first got into debt with the bank and then went loaning money from drug dealers with false promises I’d pay them back. I remember being mortified I owed £500 out from gambling. Then it was £1000, then £10,000. Today we are at £50, 000. I have been to GA in and out and also tried to face everyone and paying them off. I’m a QS and a very hard worker but gambling is my biggest fight. I’m totally on the floor at the minute. I’ve ripped people off again and they don’t yer know it. I did stop gambling last year but after living in constant pressure and people chasing me for money I started again. I’ve been kidnapped in the past and had a hammer over ny head. I’m a living son and a living father to ny 2 sons. But this has me by the short and curlies. I’ve been contemplating suicide all month and in bits. I’ve gone and got some help today in the form of friends. My family won’t speak to me as they are sick of me. That kills me because I love them. I’m going to be getting help for my gambling and will beat this no matter what. I’m worried this week as the truth is ready to come out. I’ve conned people for money. I’m worried about the police and also worried about ny job. I’m worried that the police will get involved next as I have told someone they are receiving a product that will never arrive because I’ve gambled the money. I live in shale and am now worried this will get me in trouble with the police.
    I’m 30 next year. I can’t be this way. I need to stop

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