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      my name is peter i have 32 years old. born in a foreing country but living and working in uk. i have an history of drugs and alcohol that went on for about 12 years (from 15 y.o to 27y.o) after a nervous system breakdown and deep depression ive quit everything in home country and came here in uk to start a new life. i started a very good paid job and in 4 years i was able to accumulate around 80k. i have a beautiful girlfriend who loves me and she helped me on many things. the drugs day were gone. until one day i have found online these hyip programs, which claimed to have daily interest of about 2% up to 5%, they are of course scam pyramid scheme but nevertheless i started investing money on them. total final loss 300£. after realizing it was a scam i felt had a small hole in my soul because ive lost that money, even if a small amount. then i started hearing about gold and silver so i started to buy bullions (around 20k). even if price was going up i still felt i needed more. so i got involved into spread betting. i started trading gold and silver online and crude oil and other commodities. as i am a very impulsive and irrational person it didnt work and i started loosing money. after few months my loss was about 2.5k. it was then that the obsession started. all i was thinking is that i lost 2.5 k + 300£. for 24 hours that was my obsession day and night, day and night. couldnt cope with it at all. my relationship started to have to have problems because i was constantly online trading trying to get those money back. until a colleague of mine told me that he knew a horse was going to win during the weekend. i believed him and i decided to bet 400£. guess what the horse won and i got 200£ profit. realizing that horse betting was the solution i stopped trading online and i got into betting. things started to turn good. i was betting and winning! but soon after i had loss so i wanted to bet more to get the money back. the usual gambling addiction pattern i guess. so i was able to win 400 but then loose 600, win 800 and loose 200. i was never happy cos all i wanted is my loss to be zero. that never happened unfortunatly. last time ive bet was this friday where totally posessed (during working time) i have lost 5k on some football matches. so i came home and i cried like a baby and explained my gf the situation. so what we did is that now she has all my credit  / debit cards and also we have deleted the credit cards from all the betting sites and trading sites. now i will not be able to spend a penny without her knowing. obviously i feel really bad that i have lost money but i think this solution is the right one and i hope is going to work. in the mean time as i know will be hard to cope with the loss i will be seeing a therapist so that she will help me with the issue of dealing with the losses. thanks for reading.

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