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    i won a new life

    I don’t like gambling so desperately,
    the problem is I can’t stop me.

    I hit the button and spin the reels,
    the euphoria now I can feel.

    I hit a bonus, this might be the one,
    the one to undue all I have done.

    I now know I’m in to deep,
    all the money they get to keep.

    Deep down I have to accept,
    living with thoughts of regret.

    The biggest win I ever had,
    feels like nothing when I feel sad.

    Why can’t I stop clicking my mouse,
    when I know the winner is always the house.

    When it’s all done I feel some relief,
    then I try to get some sleep.

    I’ve been up for three days,
    thinking of ways,
    to get what I crave,
    to gambling I am a slave.


    I just want you to know that this poem has hugely contributed to my decision to quit the madness gambling brings.
    I could have written every word myself….indeed I had to check to see if it was you , not I who had written it.
    I wish you freedom from the slavery.


    Vert strong poem! Thanks for sharing.


    Very good!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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