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      I sometimes visit casinos. I’ve been gambling but addiction progressed after I got a large sum of money in 2009. before 2004, I never gambled. My family started me as a youngster I played cards with family members. I started visiting a local bingo hall and then it went down hill from there. I started taking trips, getting hotels at casinos, and gambling. I’ve missed funerals, sport events with children, time with family just to numb pain of being lonely and single. I tried religion, but back then I had only tried gambling in the bars. Now, I am full blown compulsive gambler. I guess the first time I went it was because I didn’t drink or smoke, so I visited a bingo hall and won $70.
      Now when I’m bored ill go often losing money I got from pay day loans, check advances, auto title loans and bill money. I meet a lady name sue in Joliet, IL who had to get me a hotel because I was 4 hours away from home gambling. They told me about getting in debt with credit cards gambling.
      I’m a shame that I blew close to 15,000 gambling when I got a 18000 settlement, it was gone 6 months later. I owe banks, friends, strangers, and lovers money. I have even been kicked out of casinos for panhandling.  When I think about the thousands of dollars I lost compared to the jackpots of small amounts like 1600, 2200 1400, 2100 and 1100 on slots and small amounts like 400 or 800 on blackjack a couple time, it doesn’t pay to gamble. I lost time with my children, disappointed family members and missed out on family reunions, and important events like funerals. I also taken most of those sums back to the casino hopelessly trying to make millions that never happens.God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.

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