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      As many I have spoken to recently in the groups know, at this time of year i spend a lot of time in my garden.  I tend to grow thigns I can eat 😉 


      Anyway, gardening is one of the many things I would never have done or even tried when i was in action.


      I saw something recently:


      “To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow”

      Recovery lets us all do that – believe in tomorrow 🙂

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      What a wonderful post Charles. As always, lovely to see you in the room tonight. Had a great time at GA – really worth the effort. I have a really good therapy and I heard wonderful therapies too. Really like everyone there on a MOnday night – it’s a club that I might not have wanted to have been part of, but I am glad I am.

      Would love some of your veg, so if you live near Dudley you can post some carrots etc to GMA?

      take care, see you soon and thank you as always for being there. You are a wise philosopher. I like listening to you. It’s good for my soul.

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      Hi Charles, I have taken up gardening and it’s very therapeutic for me. I have many rose bushes, flowering shrubs, wild strawberries, etc. In 6 weeks I will be planting my first vegetable garden. (It will be warm enough then) I am totally excited about it! I can’t wait to be able to pick veggies from my own garden. I would never be doing this if I was still gambling. I have something to look forward to, something that is mine. Good gardening!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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