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      New member here so not sure really what to say. My boyfriend is a compulsive gambler, we have been together for nearly 5 years now. I do really love him but I am struggling to cope now.
      When i first met him he used to like the puggies, never really thought much of it at first, e would go to amusements on days out and play pool and things like that. After a while i got sick of hearing just one more shot and eventually walked out and sat in car and waited. He eventually came out having lost all his money apologising. He promised he would stop and he did (apart from one slip up). Then one day his brother asked him to drive him somewhere but instead of giving him money towards petrol he could just use the money that was in his on-line gambling account, that’s when it really started.
      He gambles every day and its constant asking for money. He got his wages transferred to go into my bank after getting in so much trouble with pay day loans, when his wages go in i have to get up at 3am and transfer them to my mum in the hope he doesn’t get there first. We made an agreement that he would get £20 each weekend but now he just takes £80 at payday and will stay up at 3am and gamble it. I gave him an ultimatum last year that it was me or gambling and he chose me, next day he went to bookies claiming that because it was only a couple of pounds it didn’t count. I followed through with my threat and kicked him out. He then had to stay on his mums couch, it took time but i eventually took him back after he promised he wasn’t gambling and as far as I could tell he wasn’t. Only after a few months in again I found out not only had he been gambling but he had been borrowing from his family, friends, people at work and payday loan companies. I am just as much to blame because I bail him out time and time again. I hate how depressed he gets when he feels like he has nothing. I know this isn’t him but its heart breaking o watch and i give in and give him money.
      I have got to the stage where i just cant do it anymore. My friends and family are always commenting on how much they are seeing me change, that i always look sad. I am painting a horrible picture of him, truth is he is a lovely guy but recently the bad is outweighing the good. He suffers terrible mood swings, often terrorising me to get money. Really just need some support.

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