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    Change is needed within my soul as I escaped away from it all. Dark lights, sound effects, and the bells of pennies overflowed.
    What am I doing, I whisper to myself, you know this is wrong. I should go Christmas shopping but one more twenty and I’ll be gone. Into the car I opened the door, what have I done, I have done this before.

    Pounding echoes of don’t gamble I hear in my ear. I hear this to often as I keep chasing this thrill. I need to change I need to regroup, I don’t want to be in this same old loop.
    My life is Chaos, shame, I’m worth more I say.

    Tomorrow I know is another day. Oh God, I’m sorry I said this the other day, all I can do is pray tomorrow I’ll get though and stay away.


    One day at a time is our only hope
    I know how you feel, Tiki
    It’s so hard to cope
    With loss and shame and guilt and pain
    We need to surrender to remain sane
    Try to continue to make gambling
    Otherwise we will end up in a Psychiatric hospital!

    (Love reading your poems Tiki)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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