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      hi …. i dont know what to wirte cause after knowing every problem i have is because of gamling addiction , i seriously need help as i have no control over my mind i been posting since last 3 weeks and yes ! i tried alot this week too not to gamble but i did it again ………
       i lost everything in my life my assets , friends , family every single thing i loved dearly , i lied to my family and to my friends , borrow money from friends and family even a guy who just talk to me and ill ask him for money in just hope that i m gonna win and pay him back ,
       but unfortunatly i never win if win i never come out from casino , over here many like me who just want their life back , by god i lost everything in my life ,i sold my cars , laptop , telly even smalliest things for living i sold it for gambling , 3 weeks ago i just needed 150 to clear my debts and i said to myself that ohh ill do that cause i won often thosands of euro so its nothing but i end up putting my whole week wages 450 , and in second week i said look im not goin back to casino ever but on day when i get paid in few seconds i decided that ohh its only 600 i can do it finish my debts and i m gonna live my life gamble free but again loss , and today again i forgot abt x-mass and went back in to casino and tried alot to win my money back and clear my debts but i lost again 600 euro so i am down again , with no money not even single cent i paid to anyboday … now i am thinking to ask somebody to lend me few euro so i can gamble again to win atleast money which i earn with hardwork , but their is no body cause i did,nt left anybody i borrow from everyone and lost it …. and now i have to pay five guys , god ! help me
       its not like that i just lost small money i been playing from past 4 years and lost everything !i pay few guys in 4 weeks and believe me it impress me to that i paid them ! and thinks were sorting out but again i m in trouble need money to pay for bills and food and guys i borrow money ! 
      i seriosly dont know what shall i do ! how i  m  gonna be ok when i think abt self excluding myself from casino , straigth ahead i think abt how im gonna pay these guys and believe me it was only 3 weeks in which i can clear my debts and this week i can enjoy x-mass ! great my cell just rang and guy is ringing me for his money !
       and i dont know wht to say to him …….. god i wish ill be dead !          
       can somebody plz tell me how and what to do , plzzzzzzzzzzz

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