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    i am writting to thank you for all people that took their times in order to reply my emails. I really want to let you know you guys had helped me a lot. But, I think it is time to say goodbye. Actually, I became quitedisappointed with the lack of response in here. I don’t think it should be a matter of choosing topics. As long as someone writes here, people insode of this forum should do their best to try to help. I tried to do that but it i just so hard when you have almost nothing back, on top of being inside and trapped in a situation where you are already losing so much. I may tell that, im my personal opinion, this wasn’t as helpful as I wasexpecting. I feel sorry for that. Because as most of you know, we are in a situation that brings us a lot of pain. An unfair pain. 

    But of course I made my choices about the resources that are going to help me, and this forum isn’t one of them. My last email wasn’t replied by anyone. Instead of helping, somehow it makes the feeling of being lonemly increases, which is just terrible.

    So, I wish you all very best luck with your lives, that you all may be wise, in your decisions, and, maybe who becomes active may consider really try to help, instead of using it just to something to help themselves. I really think most of us are really sick and tired of dealing with selfish actions.


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