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    The spinning wheel sucks at the reason for life
    The same wheel chants my name
    A devil I chose over children and wife
    I love it, despise it, this game

    My lies to get out, the stories id tell
    All oiled the greed in my head
    The money I stole, the things I could sell
    Morally, spiritually dead.

    A sleepless night, losses I could chase
    A months cash gambled, one day
    The last chance door slammed into my face
    And the ultimate price to pay

    The eyes of a child, who’s future has gone
    The eyes of a wife betrayed
    The words on your lips that always go wrong
    The debt that can never be paid.

    So, nothing is left, the wheel has won
    Is this life worth the sorrow
    Wife’s walked out and children have gone
    Maybe I’ll stop tomorrow

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