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    NB:  The number of groups and group times and types will remain the same. 

    Topic Groups:  The number of topics will be reduced down to twenty of our best topics and as always these topics will be promoted in the “Topic Forum” prior to the group sessions.  The two topic groups running each week will both contain the same topic.  This means people will have two opportunities to attend that specific topic group.  Anyone attending topic groups will be asked to attend that particular topic group only once as many other groups are available for generic support.

    Practical Support for New Members:  This group will now only be available to people who have been with us for less than a year.  If people come into the group who’ve been with us for over a year they will be asked to access a later group or seek support on the forums. 

    Open Groups:  We run many Open groups where our members can engage in any number of conversations on a topic of their own choosing.  People don’t however have access to the knowledge and support of our Advisors at any time so please take full advantage of that focussed support when it’s available and use the open groups to catch up and talk about none gambling topics.

    These changes will take effect from the first of January 2016. 

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