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    Check your profiles.   If your time zone is not set right you could miss groups.


    Register on your profile whether you are CG or F&F to ensure that you are in the appropriate group for you.   If you have not registered CG or F&F then you will not be able to enter a group, this is done for your protection and privacy.


    Don’t get frustrated.  If you have a problem with the site, don’t throw a wobbly, contact the helpline or tell me in a group.  Everything is being done to ensure the smooth running of the groups and the site.  The groups are now lag free and easier to use than before.  This site is better. 


    Being able to get stuck into an issues and having time to work out how to deal with them is great and I have felt progress with those who have made the groups.


    Some things have not changed – you will still get the warmest of welcomes and the greatest of care in a group.  Imagine entering a room with comfy chairs, an open fire when it is cold and the windows open on to a wonderful garden when the weather is good – it might be cyber space but it can be as inviting as you want it to be.   Whichever chair you choose and in whatever position, it will always be there for you.   The understanding and freedom of judgement though, is not imagined – it is real.  


    As I say so often I would not be on this site if I did not ‘know’ that the addiction to gamble can be controlled.   Looking after yourself is the finest way to help your loved one and giving yourself a period of time in the comfort and safety of the F&F cyber room will be time well spent.


    I hope to see more of you.  I would like you to ‘see’ more of each other.   Sharing problems does work, considering solutions works even more.  





    Thanks for this V –

    I’ll be in the fluffy oversized chair with the ottoman tomorrow – coffee in hand!

    I hope everyone will do this, especially if they’re having trouble getting in to the Chat Groups.

    If you don’t know how to check or change your profile :

    1) Click on the big purple “gambling therapy” at the top of the page
    2) Click on “My Profile” on the right between “Support Us” and “Log Out”
    3) Click on “Edit Profile” on the left between “Forums” and “Logout”
    4) Check to see if your time zone is set correctly by choosing your country and a city that reflects your current time
    5) Check to make sure you have selected either “Compulsive Gambler” or “Friend or Family”
    6) DON’T FORGET TO SAVE WHEN YOU’RE DONE! The “Save” button is at the bottom of the Edit Page.

    You can also add a bit of information about yourself here if you’d like. I’m not sure if other members can see it when they click on your user name or not … I hope so.

    I hope to meet more of you in Groups … the warm, comforting room Velvet has described is there for us all.



    Hiya, I just logged on to find out when the next family and friends group time was and found it’s changed. Please can someone explain what the new titles to the groups mean. I did look it up but was not clear what they meant. What is the difference between a Peer group and a Therapy Session. Many thanks. San


    Hi San

    GT are offering more choice to its members in the shape of different types of support.

    Therapy groups will be facilitated by accredited counsellors and the F&F peer groups by me.

    I hope this clarifies the situation for you and that we meet again shortly.



    Hi Velvet, thanks for the clarification :). I’ll try to get to a group soon. San


    Hi All
    Friends and Family peer groups have no time limit for entry anymore . They open at the times stated and do not close for 55 minutes.
    I look forward to meeting anybody who is affected by the addiction to gamble n a judgement free and private environment.

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