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      Hi All,

      Unfortunately, the groups here are finishing and my last groups will be on 6th December, 7 pm – 10pm UK time.

      It has been a privilege and a pleasure to see many of you grow and flourish on your recovery journeys over the years.

      I hope to see many of you between now and then, if you have popped in now and then in the past then I hope you come to say hi, bye and give me an update. Tell me the fun things you are doing now instead of gambling.

      We are very lucky these days – there may be a lot of gambling around but there is also a lot of support available. For those of you who like to talk to others real time then here are some links which will help: They have chat groups and a forum. For face-to-face peer support in the UK

      For face to face peer support in USA. They also have links to GA groups around the world, also virtual meetings. Gamblers Anonymous and other support groups’ Zoom meetings around the world. With different time zones it means that you can connect to support pretty much 24/7.

      International Support Contacts – A bit of a cheat but this is the link to Gamcare’s list of International Support Agencies.

      We can all stay gamble free one day at a time but don’t try and do it on your own – if that worked then none of us would be here.

      Again, to all I have spoken to over the years it has been a privilege to play a small part in your recoveries – it is you who have done the hard work. I hope you enjoy those recoveries as much as I enjoy mine.


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      Charles,you were a lifeline for me in the past when things were really bad and I so appreciate all the help you provided. Your own experience means you are approachable and have such an understanding of the issues we faced.I am now living a gamble free life and the awful years of the past feel like a distant memory. A huge part of that distant memory is you- how you always gave me hope and never gave up on anyone. You inspired me to seek better, to understand that I was worth more and that somewhere inside me I had what it takes to beat this demon. I cannot believe all I have acheived in recent years. I have travelled, improved my home, created better relationships and as you use to say, “I now have all the things I used to think I needed a win for”.

      Thank you so much for your work in the groups. They were the only online groups where I felt comfortable and mostly thank you for your huge contribution to my recovery.

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      Many thanks for your kind words I Did Tit, as i said elsewhere it is YOU who did the hard work; you deserve your success and deserve to enjoy your recovery.

      Thanks too to those who have popped in to the groups to say hi and bye, as always you ahve been most welocme.

      To everyone I have spokewn to over the years it has ben a priviledge to be part of your recovery, keep using support – if we could do it on our own then noine of us would be here.

      Remember, recovery isn’t a punishment, it id for enjoying. I certainly enjoy mine 🙂

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