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      Hi All,

      I have loved ‘meeting’ so many of you over the past 16 years but sadly groups are coming to an end. My last group will be on 5th December 19.00 – 20.00 UK time.

      You have all meant more to me than you will realise and I would love it if you were to pop in to a group before my final session. Goodbyes are horrible but my memories of what we have shared will stay with me for ever.

      Quoting Charles, writing in ‘My Journal’ and who has supported the gambler groups over the years – “we are very lucky these days – there may be a lot of gambling around but there is also a lot of support available”. He has posted other sites where support is available.

      For those of you who live with someone struggling with the addiction to gamble: – offers face to face support for friends and family. Gam-Anon is the sister group, to Gamblers Anonymous. Gam-Anon will give you the opportunity to share and hopefully find the support and guidance you need.

      As families and friends, please know that your loved one did not ask for, or want, the addiction to gamble, there is no blame to be had on either side. It takes great courage for the gambler to learn to control their addiction but it is undoubtedly easier, if those who love them, seek to understand.

      To all those who have shared their experiences with me, it has been an honour to support you. I wish you all so much joy in your futures.


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