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      Hello all, excuse my English and grammar. 
      I’m 23 years old and have only been gambling the last 6 months. The past week I have become heavily addicted and it’s all I think about, when trying to sleep at night, when waking up I will literally sit in my room gambling for hours a day.
      I just lost over £10,000 gambling on a site, I went into an angry zone when losing a high bet on the roulette and started to chase it back. I walked away with nothing and that leaved me very depressed and I highly regret it.
      I would like a fresh start now, never gambling again in my life is my aim. I hope I can do this as it’s shocking how much money you can lose within a few hours or seconds.
      I suffer from OCD and having this on top is a struggle and I’ll find it very difficult to sleep tonight when I have work. I’m hoping to save my money from now for the future, I don’t want this to ruin my life
      For anyone reading, you have WINS but it never adds up to the amount you LOSE.
      If anyone has any ideas or words to make me feel better that would be great

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