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    Financial barriers are useful, particularly in the early days. As well as helping us stop gambling they also give us breathing space in which to start addressing any other things we need to deal with, breathing space in which to start work on our recovery.
    When we talk about “handing over control” though that’s not really what we are doing. In effect what we are doing is regaining control.
     Financial barriers are about restricting access to money with which to gamble. It’s about being accountable so that if we gamble we will be found out by whoever we have chosen to be accountable to.
    It’s still our money. We should still be involved in budgeting, paying bills, deciding what we spend our money on etc It’s just a case of making it harder for ourselves to place a bet.
    As I said this actually gives us MORE control over our money – after all how much control do we have over it when we are gambling?

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