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      Hi my name is Keyur. I live in Texas, USA. I’ve been gambling for "just one last time" over and over again. I abstained for two weeks recently by attending a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting, And I’ve quit for 18 months in the past by attending GA meetings. But I’ve started back up and it’s getting bad.
      The wasted money is one thing, because I’m not even enjoying it. And another thing that really bothers me is that I just can’t stop. It’s like a hole or void in my spirit. Or like a trick that my mind plays on me. I’ll make a decision to stop, but the next night, My brain talks me into gambling just one more time. and then of course, this cycle repeats itself over and over again.
      I’m going to GA again tonight (it’s 2:40am on 01-06-2011) and the meeting starts at 7:00pm. I’m looking forward to it and nothing is going to stop me from attending.Hi name is Keyur. I’m a compulsive gambler.-My last bet was on 01-06-2011.

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