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      Hi guys, I am a young lad who has recently started to gamble a lot more than usual and with bigger stakes and am finding it really hard to cope at the moment. I work in a bookies which makes it harder for me to avoid the temptation not to bet. However I am rather worried that this isn’t going to change. Is this a common thing to have and will I be able to change this or am I stuck with it for life? Somebody help!!

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      Hi Wilkins and welcome to the forum. My apologies your thread seems to hae got a little lost down here in this Forum.

      Well done on looking for help.
      I’m a compulsive gamber mysel;f as well. I’ve known other compulsive gamblers who work in bookies who now live a life without gambling, I also know those who had to change carreers because it made it too difficult.

      Which one are you? Who knows you will find that out for yourself as you move forward. You can stop gambling, put some barriers in place, don’t take cash or cards to wrok would be a good start, I doubt you can gamble where you work anyway but that would stop you nipping over the road to another bookies or getting one of the regulars to put your bets on for you.

      Who could help you be accountable for your money? Put thigns in place so you can’t gamble undetected.

      Is this a common thing? Does it matter? if it’s a problem for you then any statistics are irrelevant. Use the suport you have available. I’d recommend starting a thread in the My journal Forum here; it’s a busier forum and you will get more feedback and support. gamblers Anonymous would be another good option for you. As you use that support you will find for yourself whether you need to change jobs but one thig i promise is that you can stop gambling, just use the support.

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