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    Hi all, I have put it off for a long time now but it’s becoming a massive problem in my life, so iv taken the step to looking for help to overcome my gambling addiction. I’m not sure what category of gambler I am, but I gamble constantly for few weeks and lose every penny ny. Then stop game long for a few weeks, save a lot of money, tell myself I’ll never do it again and before you know it I’m back to square 1. I lose most of my money on roulette and sports betting. I sometimes only have a £5bet which is OK to lose, however if the bet comes close and 1 team let me down for say £350, I then feel I have to try and win that money. When I’m out the bookies I’m OK and I don’t have the urge to go in, but once I’m in there it can be dangerous. I rally need help to get over this, I have a beautiful daughter and girlfriend who deserve better, my partner knows that I gamble on footy etc, but doesn’t know how much I lose at times. It’s not fair on them, when iv won I’m the happiest person around them, but if iv lost I’m miserable and my head is not there. I hope that someone has some advice for me to take on board. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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