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    I have joined this group as I have exhausted every other avenue and I need somewhere to vent my frustrations and ask some advice.
    My partner of 10 years has a serious gambling problem and he blames me every time he loses money.  Luckily we are in a good financial situation at the moment and do not have any outgoing debts but he is due to lose his job in the summer due to the government cuts and he has literally in the space of the last 2 weeks gambled away his savings of £20000.
    He lost a lot of money a few months back and he promised me then that that was going to be the end of it…he then gambled behind my back and won it all back…then now he has lost it all again.  When he loses, he says its my "negative vibe" that causes him to lose and I get told to stay out of his way otherwise he will go for me. The last week has been awful..I have been at home as I am a teacher so have seen him gambling non stop….I just don’t know what to do…I dont want to talk to family and friends as to be honest I am embarassed that he could lose all that money when he wont have a job come the summer.
    The arguments are every day now…he says if I loved him I would just leave him to it…he has also said that he hates me…
    Can someone please help me with some advice….I think I need someone to be straight with me…however blatant.

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